Discuss Your Startup with Checkthis’ Frédéric della Faille

We are rolling! After having meeting with local entrepeneurs making it in Silicon Valley, Xavier Damman and Davy Kestens, now is your chance to meet with Frédéric della Faille, founder of Checkthis. Fred is now leading a NY based startup, after winning Seedcamp London, touring the USA and raising $910.000.

Checkthis is a publishing tool that makes it really easy to make a great looking webpage to share via social media. Think of it like a digital poster where you announce events, sell stuff, share job openings… You name it!  You can get some good examples of checthis uses in Fred’s own channel. Fred is a creative mind that also started the web agency Bureau347.

The main things to discuss with him: how to build a viral product, how to grow your community and reach influencers, all about New York, what VCs are looking for, what are the milestones, when and how to raise, and why you should build a brand, not a service.

And remember: no whining and no commercial pitches. He’s here to help entrepreneurs, not to waste his time.

So signup for Fred’s office hours before it is too late!

He will be stationed at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels for a few days, so there may even be more opportunities to meet informaly, but don’t push it: he’s building the next really big Internet thing together with his cofounder Melvyn Hills and the rest of the team!

PS: we are looking for more entrepreneurs to do office hours. Care to join the pay it forward community?


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One Response to Discuss Your Startup with Checkthis’ Frédéric della Faille

  1. Davy Kestens October 11, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    Nice! Feels good to have accidentally started something :)
    Keep it going guys!