tribalytics report overview

Coworker of the week: Mehdi El Fadil and his startup Mango Information Systems

Mehdi El Fadil

Mehdi El Fadil is the founder of Mango Information Systems, a company offering web data analytics and social media monitoring services.

Mehdi is a business intelligence professional, now focusing on analysis of social media data. He just launched a twitter followers profiling tool, called Tribalytics. This service is of great help for marketers to orient their social media campaigns.

Tribalytics does not consider social media followers as an homogeneous population, but rather segmented into communities. By delimiting those communities, it is possible to identify the individuals that can amplify your message and have an idea of how competition is going.

By using this tool, Mehdi has developed a visualization of the 100 most influential twitterers in the Belgian start-up scene, published in the financial magazine Trends-Tendences (you ca read the full article in French: Start-up belges: les 100 twitteurs les plus influents.)

Here is an example of how a Tribalytics report overview looks like. It is easy to identify the different communities and any twitter “celebrity” that is following you.

Tribalytics Report overview

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