The New “More Than an Intern”

Hey everyone,

I am the new  “Bras droit” of Sara at Betacowork. I am a third year Marketing student at EPHEC University.

I love marketing, digital medias, travelling and learning new languages. I just came back, a week ago, from my Erasmus in Barcelona which was my best experience so far (check the video I made to see how amazing it was). Maybe Betacowork will be even better?

I am determined and super motivated to work, especially on the Erasmus+ European Coworking Network project, with Sara. I seem shy at the beginning but it won’t last long, I love meeting new people and I will hopefully learn from you all during the next few months.I am not too sure about what I want to do next year (Travelling? Studying? Working?), maybe my internship here will help to figure it out.

Most of you will probably struggle with pronouncing my name so just call me Tati, it will be easier. :)

Tatevik, alias Tati.



About Tatevik Petrosyan

Student in third year of Marketing at EPHEC University and currently doing my internship at Betacowork. I love marketing, digital medias and travelling. I am looking forward to learn from all the Betacowork members and the various offered workshops.

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