Back in 2012, as it was cold, wet and dark in Brussels, and I was working on a project which did not require me to be physically present in Brussels, I had my first travel + cowork experience. Ramon recommended me to go to WorkInCompany in Seville. I followed his advice, little did I know that this trip would be the start of a huge change in my lifestyle – and increase of my well-being. Moving to other places from time to time became a healthy habit for me. It’s excellent to break the routine, refocus, feel happier, hence work better.
This post is about some great locations that I recommend to whoever loves Brussels and the betacowork, but needs to see the sun from time to time. I visited the four coworking spaces below. They are comfortable, have a friendly community, and well situated in their city.

WorkInCompany – Seville, Spain

WorkInCompany is right in the center of Seville. Jaime, cofounder of workInCompany, knows the city like the back of his hands, and has a ton of insider recommendations. Try to imagine: it’s January, the sky has a deep blue color, the sun’s warming up your face. You’re enjoying a lunch break having a tapas in a sunny square together with a cervecita. Around you, this beautiful architecture: all white and yellow, and the orange trees that decorate the whole town…

Lunchtime in Seville, January 2012 – Photo by Eloïse Dhuy –

workInCompany is a Coworking Visa member. Betacowork members can get up to 4 days in hour regular opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 8 PM. Meeting rooms are not included.


Sundesk coworking – Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a village in the South of Morocco, Atlantic coast, mainly famous for surf. You’ll go there for a change of scene, and the locals’ hospitality.
You’ll go to sundesk because your office will be a terrace in a hill, with a stunning view over the ocean. I’m actually spending a week at there as I’m writing these lines. Two coworkers I met there in 2015 are also back here right now. This shows that digital nomads love to keep coming back to Sundesk coworking.

'Terrace room' at sundesk

‘Terrace room’ at sundesk


Hub Fuerteventura – Corralejo, Spain (Canary Islands)

The Canary Islands is the place to go for steady good climate. Temperature average in winter is 22°. Around Corralejo, besides coworking, there are plenty of mountain and water activities (surfing windsurging, snorkeling, diving…) to do.

Getting things done at Hub Fuerteventura

Getting things done at Hub Fuerteventura – Photo from

The Hub Coworking is member of the coworking Visa program, which gives 1 to 3 free days of coworking to the betacoworkers.
???????? Sebastian, the founder of the Hub, also offers us betacoworkers a 10% discount on our next booking 😉

Cowork Cascais – Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a small touristic town, 30 km away from Lisbon.
Cowork Cascais. You’re in there. You look to your left, and have a view on the Sintra mountains. Turn your head to the other side: the Atlantic ocean. This is where you want to be between September and end October, or during the end of the winter.
From Cascais, you can reach the center of Lisbon in 30-40 minutes by train, and connect with the active startup community in there.

Landscape view from Cowork Cascais office room

Landscape view from Cowork Cascais office room

The cycling path along the coast, to reach Cowork Cascais from the town center

The cycling path along the coast, to reach Cowork Cascais from the town center



Coworking has boomed all around the world, and there are plenty of wonderful spaces where to stay. The coworking visa program, to which betacowork is a member, offers free days at other coworking spaces. Apart from the four suggestions above, you may look for other destinations here:

Get inspired, explore places you don’t know yet!