The opinion of a woman coworker on the good reasons to cowork when you are a woman (yes, this is my experience) But it’s as valid for men!

1 – Stop having to justify yourself

O.K, you’re working at home. But NO, that doesn’t mean you’ve got the time to:

    • do the housework
    • take out the trash
    • do the washing
    • do the ironing
    • do the shopping
    • do the cooking
    • take Granny to the supermarket
    • call the dentist
    • go get the newspapers
    • etc. etc. etc.

So often, working from home, especially if you’re a woman, is seen by your closest as “you’ve certainly got time to do that! understand, me – I’m at work” They don’t understand that YOU ARE WORKING whilst you’re at home!


Photo: Frank Michel on Flickr

Try working in a coworking space and you’ll soon see that those around you will soon stop to ask you to do everyday tasks. Suddenly, they take your job seriously. Now it’s your turn to say ” darling, can you take the kid to the dentist”

2 – meet your clients in a professional working space

You’ve had enough of hiding the kids toys or hoovering the cat hairs before every client visit (remember that time when your top client nearly skidded on that pair of tights that were lurking on the floor. . . ) and apart from your office fittings, which are not really adequate for meetings.
In your coworking space you can greet clients in a place that is both convivial and professional. Whether you decide to meet in the cafeteria or a meeting room, you won’t need to pass the hoover before each meeting.

3 – Forget the pyjamas and … do your hair!

You’re working at home: what’s the point in dressing up, doing your hair or make up? You don’t see anybody all day. You almost don’t see the point in washing, well . . .


Photo: Kevin Schraer on Flickr

Going to work in a coworking space gives you back the pleasure of looking good in the morning to get ready for your working day – and your coworkers. You’ll get the return on investment of those new shoes or that computer case!

4 – Find new clients

When you say “coworking space”, you’re actually saying “serendipity” – the fact of finding more than you were looking for. Right away, without needing a compass, you’ll find your way to new clients or maybe even partners amongst your coworkers and people who know people who know other people… At Betacowork, members have access to a mail list where they can share their doubts, questions, research, job offers …or simply lunch invitations or jokes (well, there were theses two eggs in the fridge…All right, I’ll stop there).

5 – Change the washing-up break for a coffee break

You’ve been working home alone since this morning. You need a little break, but to do what?: oh – what about the washing-up? Or make the beds? Or pass the Hoover? Worse: what about watching T.V? And there you are slumped on the sofa, under the blanket, instead go making progress on your project.


Photo: Keirsten Marie on Flickr

In choosing cowering, you have many ways , both agreeable and constructive, to take a break. (Choose:) have a coffee with a coworker, chat (or have a little siesta or browse) in the relax room, have a game of Kicker or darts with your coworkers etc. In short, forget about all the solitary procrastination : it’s so much better in a group! (and there’s always somebody there to say “Oh well. Better get back to work.)

6 – Get the most out of the best working tools

You’ve had enough of that squeaky old chair, of that printer that only prints every other page and that internet connection that crashes whenever you’re waiting for an important mail. In your coworking space you can enjoy the comfort of professional office chairs, but also state-of-the-art printers, scanners, ultra fast projectors, in fact, everything you need to work in the best conditions.

7 – Forget the baker and the newsagent: you’re not alone anymore!

You’ve been working alone at home since this morning. The hours go by and you haven’t seen anyone all day. So you get yourself together to go to the bathroom, to get dressed and go out: destination: the bakery, just to hear a human voice. Same thing for the newsagents or the supermarket: there are elderly people who block up the queue just to talk to the lady at the till. And then there’s you. Today, you came for some ketchup. Tomorrow, it’s for onions. It’s important to spread your shopping list over the whole week, in order to keep up with your social contacts.
Coworking is dozens of coworkers that are happy to meet each day. Not only are you no longer alone, you are in good company: your coworking colleagues have the same concerns as you, they understand. These are naturally open and intelligent people who transmit their energy. You’ll find that some days they’re your principal motive for going to work.

8 – Progress! Learn!

Betacowork members regularly offer training sessions, workshops and events open to all coworkers. They go from coding for beginners to bread baking (yes, really!) Without mentioning the natural exchange of skills between coworkers: I’m thinking, of course, for example a translator who, thanks to her colleagues, learned how to use WordPress – she who believed until then that the word denoted a kind of steam iron (well, I’m only exaggerating a little).

9 – Make new friends

As you have understood, coworking is not just a new way of working, it’s a new style of life: you are free, but you’re not alone. In joining coworking, you’re joining a community. A community with the same concerns as you. A community of entrepreneurs that never hesitate to help one another, and can have fun together outside work, whether it’s a game of kicker or organising an apero’, like the legendary Betacowork Jeudredi.
Enough words: sign up for for a free day’s trial and come and meet your fellow coworkers! We’ve all been there.