In this workshop, you will get to know how you can develop your collaborative communication skills to outperform using these techniques in an agile environment.
In business environments – especially in agile ones – as well as in private life, processes or communication tend to be difficult or even come to a halt due to blocking of ideas or progress.
The workshop will address this issue by using techniques and exercises derived from improvisational theatre to focus on how to drive and facilitate communication and collaboration to get quick and focused results.

In the workshop, you will:

  • Get to know the core principles of working agile and how you can use playful exercises to foster them;
  • Get new inspiration how to contribute with your ideas to creative processes;
  • Experience how a collaborative attitude boosts a team’s performance to achieve their results;
  • Learn some exercises and tricks to drive communication forward;
  • Get the the chance to discuss your agile challenges with our experts.

Workshop format:

90 minutes hands-on workshop + 30 minutes discussion.
The workshop is part of the “Acting agile” workshop series. This series establishes and reinforces universal concepts and principles which are the basis of working agile, such as:

  • Being open and attentive for input and ideas;
  • React to change quickly;
  • Collaborate – with your team and the customer;
  • Focus on delivery.

When & Where?

Wednesday 22nd of March at 6PM in room Azzar (First floor on the left at Betacowork/ ICAB Business & Technology Incubator).

Who Are the Speakers?

Joris Swinnen works freelance as an agile coach, cultivating leadership and communication; mainly HR transformation, better alignment.
He transform companies truly digitally with a CRM mindset.
While short term aiming in iterations for an effective implementation of the right CRM system, building a working team-scrum culture and parallel empowering the whole HR setting with weapons of agility for the long sustainable term.
David Zöllner is a digital learning specialist who uses playfulness, fun and curiosity to create engaging and motivating trainings which target business objectives.
During the past years, he developed many game-based online business trainings for various market leading companies.
In his workshops around Improvisation and Agility, he uses profound knowledge of learning methods, his experience with corporate trainings and also his passion for games, storytelling and improvisational theatre.

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