meditation-feet-at-betacoworkThanks to our coworker Christophe Bruynix, we have started a series of weekly mindfulness meditation sessions lead by him at Betacowork. Christophe and I have already done meditation before and understand its benefits for (and there’s science behind it):

  • Focus;
  • Creativity;
  • Well being;
  • Stress and anxiety reduction and management;
  • Health.

He’s the expert and I’m one of his many little grass hoppers, like the other coworkers that are discovering meditation. 🙂
These are the guided meditation apps that Christophe and I recommend for iOS and Android in English and French:

  • available on iOS and Android (Christophe’s personal choice) 3 months free with the code Yourheadspace;
  • Mindfulness (Pleine Conscience) available on iOS and Android, multilingual;
  • Méditer avec Christophe André available on iOS and Android;
  • Méditer avec Petit Bambou, iOS and Android;
  • Zenfie available on iOS , french only;
  • Audio files on your mobile device or in the cloud (I have them stored in my Google Drive for easy access). They come from books I’ve bought, free internet downloads. All smarphones can play them;
  • Youtube has a lot of guided meditations that you can follow directly in your phone or download with a plugin;
  • Medigong (just a gong with a timer, for the advanced that don’t need guidance) Google Play.

There are a lot more apps in both markets and in many languages. I’m also testing Guided Meditation Mindfulness, iSleep Easy, and Nature Meditation for Android.
Most applications are free or come with a very small fee for the app or for extras.
How about your apps, tips, tricks and recommendations?