Today we are officially launching the brand new Betacowork Community Membership. All of you that want to be part of the Betacowork but cannot join one of our coworking plans, can now sign up to become part of the community.
The key thing that differentiates Betacowork from other coworking spaces in Brussels is its community. We have great members that trust and support each other to improve each other’s professional and personal lives. We all belong at Betacowork, we are not just using an office space. We work hard to create and keep this kind of collaborative dynamics using tools (like our mailing list), events (for members and also open) and interactions (like putting people in contact when we think they can collaborate and help each other).
We’ve had a lot of requests from people that wanted to be part of the community but where not insterested in a coworking plan, because they have a full time job or already have their own office. A group of them have even been paying a coworking plan to be part of Betacowork. So now that our website and our members’ area are very well developed we’ve decided to create the new Community Membership to help you build and improve your business through your participation in our community :

  • join our members only events,
  • publish your profile in our website,
  • get help and help others through our active members’ mailing list,
  • contact other members directly via our internal messaging tool,
  • cowork for 4h a month,
  • and more.

All this for just €50 a month, unless you sign up now and take advantage of the launch price: €30, and keep this price grandfathered for the next 12 months. This offer will expire on October 31.
Sign up now and become a Betacoworker.

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