When at Betacowork we receive goodbye emails like this one, our heart skips a beat. We love when our work is appreciated and, even more, when our coworkers connect to each other and built a feeling of community that is stronger than ever.
“Hi guys,
The moment has come for us to pack up our bags and to say goodbye!
But first of all, we wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome, for your generosity and your smiles.
Thanks to every single member of the Betacowork, our internship was way more than just a random academic duty: it was a real experience. We never came here with a heavy heart. It was always a pleasure to learn from all of you and we are looking forward to seeing you again.
When we first came here, we wanted to « make the L’UNION a better agency» instead, the Betacowork made us better people.
From the bottom of our heart, thank you. A thousand times: thank you.
Aurélie Mulowa & Rizlaine Ismaili
PS. Don’t forget to follow L’UNION on Facebook & Instagram!!”


Aurélie, Sara and Rizlaine @Betacowork. Who is wearing a peruke?

A BIG thank you to you two young ladies, for your smile, enthusiasm and hugs. We already miss you! Good luck for your final project and see you soon 🙂

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