Betacowork is happy to welcome the gitHive Unconferences (22 May, 6.30pm)

Launched in August 2017 by 5 blockchain aficionados from diverse complementary backgrounds, Hive Blockchain Community aims at gathering blockchain technology professionals, passionates or excited people. It first started by organizing Blockchain in Practice (BIP) events every 2 months around a specific topic discussed and presented by carefully selected speakers, then by inviting members and event attendees to join ‘sub-hives’ depending on their interests and profiles. Currently developed sub-Hives are Crypto Cave (miners), Crypto Club (investors), Hive students and GitHive (developers). The community started with an existing group of enthusiasts and knowledgeable people discussing and off-line and is now growing every day reaching more than 200 members. The activities and operations at Hive grow organically, taking advantage of the feedbacks and energy of the community itself, and evolving with the expressed needs and learnings acquired since the beginning of the Hive adventure.

The team (now extended by a dynamic team of blockchain-enthusiast volunteers from varied horizons and backgrounds) works on developing the involvement and community interactions among the members. In addition, Hive is putting together the structure around working groups and meetups to accelerate blockchain awareness and give the opportunity to anyone interested to learn about blockchain and DLTs, and to participate in the growth and projects of and within the community. last but not least, Hive is growing its network, supported by a top-notch advisor in the blockchain space, Roderik van der Veer.

EN: The gitHive Unconferences are developer-focused meetups held every month to share blockchain-related opinions, best practices, findings, discoveries or projects members have been working on with other technical fellows in a relaxed setup. Next steps on the roadmap of the sub-hive are blockchain-dev masterclasses, bootstrap training sessions and blockchain projects initiated by gitHive members.

FR: L’idée derrière nos gitHive Unconferences est très simple: nous organisons des réunions mensuelles informelles pour developpeurs uniquement, afin de donner un espace aux profils plus techniques pour pouvoir parler ‘dans leur language’ et ‘geeker’ entre eux sur des sujets liés de près ou de loin à la blockchain et la technologie en général, sans devoir vulgariser certains termes ou devoir tout expliquer en long et en large. C’est une des raison pour laquelle on ne fait pas de ‘pub’ pour ces meetups, c’est pour assurer aux personnes présentes qui cherchent justement cette ambiance plus technique d’avoir ce pour quoi ils sont venus (et c’est justement ce qui attire les personnes qui viennent jusqu’à présent). Bien sûr, pas besoin ni de connaitre la blockchain ni d’être blockchain developer, c’est ouvert à tout dévelopeur curieux, quel qu’il soit.

22/05/2018, 18:30-21:30, Room Neos

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