4 months ago, Startup Digest Brussels was launched to help entrepreneurs and startups to find the best startup events in Brussels area. (See previous post here)

Startup events in Brussels ?

In Brussels, more than 30 organisms regularly plan events about Business, Technology, Web, Management and Entrepreneurship.
Types of events vary with seasons and local opportunities. In the past 16 weeks, 500 events have been planned in Brussels. Based on that number, 100 events have been selected and included in the digest.

Yes, that makes more than 1 startup event per day !

Every week, events are curated from multiple sources based on the relevance for entrepreneurs and startups. Suggestions from communities are added too. Events are included in a public Google Calendar, and a digest is sent by email every Tuesday to registered readers with a “Top 4” recommendation.
If you want to see your event in the digest, just drop a mail to or a tweet to @miduchateau with the link to the event details.

Digest Readers ?

Today, 400+ entrepreneurs have registered to receive the weekly digest by email. Hereunder you can find the testimonial of Abdelkrim, that I am delighted to share with you.
Abdelkrim is owner and managing director of ALT-F1 SPRL, a European management consulting company, advisor to the European Commission, Banks and local startups.
He is a regular BetaGroup Coworking member, and active in our startup community.
Abdelkrim on LinkedIn

 As Business Developer, I need to meet prospects and be aware of the latest trends in the market even if all trends won’t realize their potential.
When Michel told me about Startup Digest, I directly asked him if “Startup digest” propose a shared calendar I could use on a daily basis. Then he sent me the link to the Google Calendar
Since then, I am aware of all events organized in Brussels or where I have to travel. At the same time, I advice my customers to participate to events they were not aware of.
Today, I even have unsubscribe from 99% of the LinkedIn mailing lists I was registered to !

For advanced readers, the Google Calendar can be easily integrated to your calendar to directly see events you can attend. It is updated automatically with new events.

How to receive the free Startup Digest Brussels ?

Anyone who is interested in the startup ecosystem of Brussels can register to the Startup Digest Brussels, it’s free and made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

=>  Sign Up here  <=

Have a nice week!
Entrepreneurial Regards,
Michel Duchateau
Curator for Startup Digest Brussels
Twitter : @miduchateau
LinkedIn : Profile

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