What are we going to learn?image006

  • What is a business plan?
  • Why is a business plan important? Internal vs. external uses;
  • Is there a magic formula?
  • What goes into it?
  • It’s my idea, I know it best. Is that enough to lead to success?
  • Great, I already have a business plan. Now I can relax. Or maybe not just yet?
  • Q&A

Who is Neophytos?

Neophytos Aristodemou is a managing partner at FairWorks, a business consultancy focusing on SMEs and NGOs. FairWorks’ philosophy is simple: Focus your energy on the core activities of your organisation; outsource the rest. Smaller organisations have limited resources and should use them wisely.
FairWorks supports its partners by providing financial and operational consultancy at fair pricing. This includes business or strategic planning, budgeting and financial management, credit risk management, process analysis and improvement as well as bank relationship management. These activities are vital for your organisation to flourish, but they are frequently unloved or overlooked.

When and Where?

Tuesday 18th October at 4:30PM in room Plane 2 (in the submarine!) at ICAB Business & Technology Incubator.

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