Want to learn more about Cold Calling for your client or partnership prospection? Get first hand-experience from Ygal on how he’s been closing 1000 partnerships in a year through e-mail campaigns and cold calling.

What will you learn:

  • What are the general rules;
  • Approaches and tips to catch a person’s interest and closing down a sale/partnership.

Who is Ygal Levy?

Ygal Levy is in charge of the development of Bird Office in Belgium for the past year. Bird Office is the “Airbnb of meeting and conference rooms” and has a presence in France, Belgium, the UK, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Like Airbnb we don’t own any physical meeting rooms but propose those professional spaces from hotels, coworking, business centres and any other company with available meeting spaces that are underused (offices of coaches, architects, lawyers, headhunters etc.)

When and Where?

Wednesday 26th of October at 4PM in Plane 2 (in the submarine!) at ICAB Business & Technology Incubator.

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