We’ve had it with the weather. This never ending rain and greyness is getting to us so we have decided to run an experiment this year and rent a set of connected appartments not far from Barcelona for the months of July and August. The space we have rented is in Calella de Palafrugell, a beautiful small town in the Costa Brava where we can beat the Brussels winter blues with lots of sun, fresh air from the sea, walks in the nature,  and coworking.
Yes, you’ve heard right: coworking. We don’t want just to go on vacation, we could do that by ourselves anytime, but to work and live in Betacowork Camp and have a different workation experience. We will be dedicating at least two weeks to run developer bootcamps (more news coming up, signup to our newsletter to be updated) but mainly each one will be working in their own stuff with a few sessions where we will exchange work and knowledge in each others project.  Family members are invited to come, but only as couples, no kids! We are here to relax too!
The appartment complex is fitted with a pool, a shared working area under the sun and has good WiFi so that we can work inside and outside.

The bookings are done on a per week basis and are only available to Betacoworkers, so if you do not have a plan for the summer make sure to add it to your account or signup.
Add your week preferences in this form. You can stay maximum two weeks on a row and the best is if you can select a couple dates in case one is already taken. We have room for up to 12 people at a time. The weekly price is €350 per single person, €500 per couple.