Ane San Miguel defines herself as a story teller and a visual artist. In her entrepreneurial adventure, she helps people and companies to develop methodologies to gather knowledge and put it into practice. Ane works as a community and content manager, implementing communication and marketing strategies in different projects. She also works as a graphic facilitator in conferences and gatherings.
ane san miguelAne has been working on short term project basis for the last few years but nowadays she feels like joining a longer term and scale project that will allow her to grow and strengthen her resilience towards new environments.
She really enjoys coworking because it gives to freelancers the chance to meet people different job profiles and to work in a hub, plenty of ideas, contacts and energies. Her first memory at Betacowork? The beautiful smile of the Host Team!
She always goes around with her drawing book and watercolours. As a visual artist, her pens and colours represent her job and her soul.
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