photo Dimitri Pirnay1. Who are you? What’s your job? What’s your current project?
I’m Dimitri Pirnay, 24 years old. I just finished my studies in Engineering (Physics engineering and Management Engineering) and right now I’m running a clothes brand company, called NorthStone.
NorthStone design and make personalised hoodies, sweat-shirts, t-shirts and polos with a special kind of printing: applique lettering, also known as 3D embroidery.
Me and my partner decided to call our project NorthStone because we needed a name that would inspire confidence and trust to our customers and other partners.
2. What are the skills required for your your job?
Mainly management skills. In particular the ability to manage different kinds of people as customers, interns, factory workers in a non-structured working environment.
3. What do you like of your job? Why did you choose to run an independent company?
I have the belief that being independent is the thing that suits me best, compared to working like as a physics engineer. I love the challenge of building everything from scraps, from a blank page. The supply chain that we use, we designed it by ourselves, the production techniques and methods and machines are made by ourselves. Many services  that we provide are new and disruptive innovations in the textile printing industry. Everything we do it we do it in some sort in our way. It’s hard because you have to do it by yourself. So it’s a huge amount of work and a huge amount of problem to solve. But still, it remains our baby, a sort of Frankenstein’s creation so it’s kind of cool.
4. Who are your competitors?
Our main competitors are the printed textiles companies. They all provide people with the same printing technique. We provide the same kind of items but we use a very different customisation technique. So we are a niche player. We provide a high branded quality product and, in addition, we provide a lot of services for our customers. For example, designing logos for clients. We are a textile company but also some kind of communication company too.
5. What are your main goals? What are you looking for professionally? I guess to expand your company.
Exactly. For the previous 8 months my priority was to build the brand. Right now I’m looking for an intern in general Management. I’m looking for a person who can help me to handle all the management stuff as Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, etc..
6. How did you discover coworking as a concept? How did you find Betacowork? 
I already knew about it since I was a student. For me it’s not something new, in many other countries like in the UK in London, in Singapore, there are plenty of coworking spaces everywhere, it’s kind the normal. I discovered Betacowork simply on Google.
7. Do you like Betacowork as working environment? 
Totally, it suits my needs. I’m living not far from here, It’s a nice place, plenty of light and the staff is nice. That’s all a good thing. In order to choose my coworking space, I visited 3 different places and I finally chose Betacowork for its community. Because here I’d like to have the opportunity to talk, to have contacts with a lot of people and chances to do networking.
8. What are you looking for at Betacowork?
I’m looking for people to work with, people to meet and maybe collaborations. I’m a people guy, I don’t like being alone.
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