JeremyBlezard1. What do you do?
I work with another coworker, Gavin Watt. We have a communication, copywriting and advertising agency, called Wow. If I can say that, we do more than copywriting, our aim is to go further than communication by adding value concepts to the content the client provides us. We do more selling than telling because we try to put concepts which can make communication go further from the content itself. Gavin and I can offer this high quality service because we’ve worked for more than thirty years in major international advertisement agencies.
2.Which skills are required for your job?
First of all, the ability to read, understand and get into the mind of our clients. Secondly, to understand specific marketing’s issues as budget limitation, for example. At last, you have to think about the visual approach to media, to extrapolate strong basic concepts which can work properly in every media, digital and physical.
3. What do you like of your job? What do you find interesting in your job?
It’s a daily challenge! I like my job because it’s about to stimulate the creativity and the combination of different talents. Sometimes I find a solution by visualizing it and which I love the most is writing and thinking.
4. How would you describe your corporate culture?
As entrepreneurial culture, our aim is to maintain and guarantee the quality of creative and strategic thinking which is also our standard of excellence.
5. Who are your competitors?
WOW’s main competitors are still the traditional advertisement agencies which are enforcing their digital competences.
6. What are you looking for professionally?
Me and Gavin are looking for more long-term relationships to build with our clients.
7. How did you discover coworking?
When I finished my contract with my previous company I looked at coworking as a new way to not be isolated working at home. I spoke with Gavin and he talked about Betacowork. I discovered a wonderful and stimulating place where there are people from different countries, with different job profiles and different cultures. I thank all the Betacowork team because the support they provide it’s much more than I expected.
8. What are you looking for at Betacowork?
I’m looking for positive stimulating working environment and for collaborations within the other coworkers.
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