0d2e9111. What do you do?
I create live “happenings” online at Happeningo and I’m founder of Soonfeed, the first timeline of what’s happening soon on the web. I’m also a strategic communications and happenings consultant, mostly for the EU institutions.
2. Which skills are required in your position?
To be able to communicate new ideas. And stubbornness, if you can call that a skill.
 3. What do you find most enjoyable of your job?
When everything falls into place and stays there for a brief and beautiful moment.
 4. How would you describe the corporate culture?
Most of the Soonfeed team is based in the Balkans, so working by remote makes it tough to build a corporate culture, especially in a bootstrapping situation. But the culture we do have combines Lean principles, audacious optimism and a work day that starts while normal people are still sleeping.
5. Who are your competitors?
Happeningo and Soonfeed have no direct competitors, at least none that I’ve found. My EU consulting work has competitors, but I see them as partners I can learn from.
6. What are you looking for professionally?
The smell of statistical probability of failure in the morning.
7. How did you discover coworking?

A couple of years ago I attended a Meetup at ICAB. Ramon was a speaker. The rest is history.
When I’m not travelling for work, I come in for one or two days per week. It’s the only thing that gets me out of the flat while I’m in Brussels.
8. What did you find at Betacowork?
Collaborators and a community.
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