Why you should try coworking? Well, we think that the best people to answer the question are coworkers themselves. These are their main 5 reasons to start coworking:

  1. Meeting people: working at home sucks, be all the time alone can be frustrating. In a coworking space like Betacowork, you can meet a lot of people and experiment a strong community feeling that you wouldn’t experience working at home.
  2. Sharing: meeting new people also means sharing ideas and experiences, receiving and giving help. You can find a lot of people with different skills who can give you advices to start and grow your business.
  3. Networking: it will be easier to find the skills that you need, to promote yourself as a professional and find new clients. Every month at Betacowork we organize a “Rodeo”, a really good opportunity to introduce youphoto (1)rself and find information about how to do business procedures, join a project etc.
  4. Finding your partner/co-founder: you have a great idea but no one to start up with? In a coworking space you could have the chance to meet you ideal partner like happened to some of our Betacoworkers.
  5. Food: sometimes you find lunch ready, this is really a bonus! At Betacowork we are used to have lunch together every Friday (and great BBQ once per month) and this is a great opportunity to meet people, socialize and feel the community vibes.

The best you can do is try for yourself, get a feel of it and talk with the other members. Why don’t you come for a free day of coworking?
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