Coworking isn’t only for lonely freelancers, it really works well for teams too.
Dusan Jakovljevic, Andreas Pauckstadt and Juergen Ritzek are the perfect example. Dusan and Juergen are co-founders of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP), a technology-neutral cross-sectoral business and policy platform for industrial energy efficiency. Dusan is in charge of communication and policy, Juergen do the business and Andreas, who works for a big IT German company, handles the IT technology.
EEIP can be considered a “coworking child”, the co-founders met each other in a coworking space that now is closed and they move to Betacowork where they found Andreas. For them, the main benefit provided by Betacowork is that you can find a lot of people with different skills.
When they met, they put their ideas together. They managed to do a small project and they discovered how good their skills fit together. There is a good chemistry between them, so they decided to start something bigger.
When Dusan first arrived at Betacowork he had an industrial feeling, it was like home for people who do their job.
They are now getting bigger, so if you want to support their project contact them!
Cow team
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