Tiphaine, proud developer member of Betacowork designed by our member Dimitri Pirnay

Nineteen per cent. That’s the current percentage of the female population of Betacowork. It’s certainly progress since the start, but it’s still not enough. Ladies, it’s time to join our 19% of coworkers. To help push the percentage to 50% (at least!). The female coworkers need you. Need your support. There are too many men . This is an S.O.S!

A global trend

A global coworking survey reveals that two thirds of coworkers are men. The main reason for this imbalance is simple: there are still less women who choose to work as freelancers or found a business. Some say that the spirit of enterprise is more typically masculine. We would say its more a case, without jumping into the polemic, that even if society is evolving in the right way, it still  hasn’t adjusted to female entrepreneurs.

Who are these female betacoworkers ?

So what is the profile of these women who chose Betacowork? Inspired by their bearded colleagues (well, O.K, not all the men at Betacowork have beards. But theres still a lot of them – a subject well come back to in the future – promise!) The ladies work in many different sectors, from marketing to new technology, web design, community management, human resources, journalism and translation. We also have, for example, a lady who launched a craft bread distribution company, another who launched a start up in shared cooking, another who recruits American students for interns in European institutions and yet another who is active in the startups.be network . . .the list goes on!

Why Betacowork?

The motivation of these women, once again, matches that of their male counterparts: theyve had enough of working alone at home and want to expand their network. Once here, serendipity takes over: some work with other coworkers to help develop their project or launch a new one. Others, starting as trainees for a coworker, have stayed on after their training period ended, with a contract in their pocket or to start their own project, etc.

Sara, the fairy of Betacowork

When you say Betacowork, you probably think about Ramon Suarez, the father of coworking and author of The Coworking Handbook, the reference for anyone who wants to open their own coworking space. But its well known that, behind every great man is a great woman. And at Betacowork that woman is Sara, Ramons right hand woman. She will show you around and look after you when you come for your try-out day. She who will help you organise workshops. She manages the Betacowork Facebook page. And its also Sara who organises the legendary Jeudredis; after work drinks among coworkers which allow us to not only get to know each other outside work, but to also get to know all the bars in Brussels (even if she has a slight bias towards Flagey).

You won’t regret it

To all the women reading this, youll feel at home right away at BetaCork. Though the women are in a minority, you can be certain you’ll receive a warm welcome. As for the guys, you can be sure that theyll be delighted to see an increase in the female presence. The men at Betacowork are not just all handsome, intelligent, witty, thoughtful and rich, but also gallant and considerate and will do anything to help you in your first steps in in our shared work space. (Take the word of a lady coworker!)