Special coworking week for free: discover, focus & enjoy

Cowork at Betacowork during the 4th week of October ( 22- 26 October) for free, meet the members and attend the events we are organizing.

Special coworking week for free: discover, focus & enjoy

You‘ll never know until you try.”

In the frame of Belgian Coworking week we are organizing an open week. Everyone can say ‘ we are the best ones’, but we want to show you and prove, that this place can be a life-changer. We want you to come, spend some time and understand what are the benefits you can get in coworking space.

Cowork for free during one whole week (22- 26 October) to test it by yourself , meet the members and attend the events we are organizing.


Monday 22/10/2018

09:00: Welcome coffee, start the week
14:00: Respirer pour travailler mieux by Rebecca Casier

Tuesday 23/10/2018

9:00: Welcome coffee /Fruits
12:00: DRI : Deduction pour Revenus d’Innovation
15:00: Workshop ‘’Women in Leadership‘’ by ESAE, in collaboration with 35+ Executive Women Coaching

Wednesday 24/10/2018

9:00: Welcome coffee /Snacks
18:30: Atelier Expérientiel by Cecil Schmitt & Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff

Thursday 25/10/2018

9:00: Welcome coffee /Snacks
11:00: Atelier Anne Françoise: Developper ses relations commerciales
14:30: 3 Headmassages to win (in our relaxation room)
17:30: Networking apero + dance class by our coworkers = #Aperodance dans la cafétaria

Friday 26/10/2018

9:00: Welcome coffee /Snacks
12:00: Introduction Rodeo (Get to know your coworking-neighbour better)
12:30: Scared Sitless training by Jordan Orttega (20min)
13:00: #Betacooks: we all eat together

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/belgian-coworking-week-betacowork-cowork-for-free-the-whole-week-tickets-50272568606

Enjoy the max of this special week. Invite your friends and share the vibe.

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