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There’s no shortage of  talent and great ideas in the Belgian tech entrepreneur community. But great products and services don’t sell by themselves. Whether you’re a startup, a freelancer or an SME, you can always benefit from better sales skills. Closing more deals, faster and with higher margin deals, means you can work with the most profitable customers and leave behind the one that drain all of your resources and may be costing you money. How? Learning practical sales skills with a seasoned sales professional that has succeeded in selling startup and corporate products and services: Philippe Szombat.
I’ve taken the course myself and so have other betacoworkers. We are all happy we took it and paid for it: the sales skills gained had an immediate benefit for our businesses. The return on investment was evident from day one. In fact, the experience has been so positive that I decided to convince Philippe to do this course with a longer format so that the participants will have more time to sell in between lessons and improve their selling skills every week. I wish this course had been part of my MBA!

Why take this course?

To sell more! You will be able to get more meetings, close more deals, and charge more by helping solve the problems of your happy customers. All this while feeling more confident and actually enjoying sales.
You will also learn and practice proven sales techniques:

  • To motivate you
  • To prepare yourself
  • To introduce yourself to and get meetings with the people that matter
  • To discover the real needs of your clients
  • To offer solutions
  • To close more and bigger deals
  • To get paid in advance
  • To follow up with your clients and keep the sales coming in.

In total, you will learn more than 40 techniques during this course.
Philippe’s customer oriented sales training is highly practical. Your sales needs will be the raw material for the course. You will put into practice what you learn in the course with him, the other participants and your customers. You will have 6 weeks to practice and hone your skills with his support. Then, you will be entitled to one month of free mentoring after the course. Between classes you will also have meetings with your peers to share tips and progress and to build a network of support.
The course is intense and fast paced. You will learn a lot in very little time. Don’t waste a lifetime doing poor sales!
This is a one time only opportunity. I’ve managed to convince Philippe to do one course only so far. There are only 10 places on the course, and a few early bird discount so hurry up!
And last, the Region of Brussels can pay half of the course! Get the information about their subsidy in French and Dutch. If you want more information on the subsidy call the Brussels entrepreneur help line: 1819. Our VAT number is BE 0533.784.664.
Download the full agenda of the course here.

When and where?

The course will take place at Betacowork Coworking Brussels every Saturday morning (9am to 1pm) from February 21 to March 28. The course starts sharp on time! Don’t worry we will have plenty of coffee and tea to help you wake up.

Who is this course for?

This sales training is for people :

  • who need to do sales but have very little or no experience;
  • who hate doing sales or don’t have confidence in their skills;
  • and for those who have experience in sales, but know that they are still leaving money on the table and that they can do better .

Who is teaching the course?

Philippe Szombat has 15 years sales experience with big companies like Xerox, HP and Unisys, and also with startups like TweetWallPro, where he turned the pricing model around and sold the solution to events like Mobile World Congress and Midem while starting and managing a new international sales team. He has an extensive experience as a salesman and in training, coaching and managing teams of sales people.

Is it really this good?

These are just a few of the people who have taken sales courses with Philippe, and they loved it! The proof is in their testimonials and recommendations.
frederik-vincx-testimonial michael-valette-testimonial vincent-vandoorne-testimonial-tweetwallpro marie-isabelle-de-potter-testimonial
See even more recommendations and testimonials in Philippe’s LinkedIn profile.

What languages will we use?

The course and the notes will be given in English. Your questions can be made in English, French and Dutch.

Limited availability!

There are only 10 spots so hurry up. I’m going to help you make up your mind so that you don’t lose the opportunity: with the subsidy of the Brussels region paying for 50% of the course, how many extra sales do you need to pay for the course? And if you don’t ask for the subsidy? See how easy it is to see that it is worth it? By the way, early bird tickets available in limited number and only until Friday January 30 at 5pm.
We have added offline payments for the tickets via bank transfer, in case you cannot use your PayPal account nor your credit card.

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