2017 has started and it’s time for new years’ resolutions!
I spend a lot of time dreaming about my life and what I want to do – but to actually make my fantasies happen…well, that’s another story! I want this year to be different and I know that for many of you it’s the same. That’s why I want to mind – map my year, write down my goals to so as to not lose my focus on them during the year. Having them written down on paper will help us to make them concrete.
Inspired by this article , I want to do the same thing for me and you 🙂
We will ask ourselves what’s important for us and how to reach our professional or private goals. With paper and pens we’ll make 2017 a great year!

When and Where?

Wednesday 17th of January at 4:30PM in Room Plane 1 (in the submarine!).

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