Our coworker, Pierre Maes, invented the first dating application based on details, Puzme! Curious to know how it works? All you need to do is just choose one detail you like about yourself. This is the only thing that will represent you! It’s all about playing a game of mystery with the other users. If you like a detail of another user, you can ask for more details and create a sort of puzzle of this person.
Funny anecdote: on Puzme, most users are… girls (66%)! That’s maybe because girls are subtler than men? They probably appreciate the approach by details 😉
What about Pierre?
He’s a freelance in digital communication. Basically, his job is to provide strategic communication campaigns for international brands.noname
Pierre decided to develop his project from a coworking space because he’s a social animal and he doesn’t like working from home. He’s more focused when he works from Betacowork and he manages to reach all the goals he schedules for each day. He really appreciates the networking events organized at Betacowork, the best way to receive feedbacks and advice!
Watch the video until the end to listen to Pierre’s announcement: he’s looking for a co-founder! If you are a mobile developer you may be interested!
Download the app from Google Play!
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