Jonathan Fallon_imageJonathan Fallon and Guillebert de Dorlodot have been working on their own projects at Betacowork for two months now.
Tricount is the first plogo_tricountroject they are focused on. It’s an application to organize all your group expenses. Tricount originated from an idea that formed one day while Jonathan and Guillebert were calculating expenses from yet another group excursion. They needed a way to make the calculation process simpler and the results easier for the entire group to understand. Most users are from France and Belgium, but now they are looking for partnerships to extend their network.
They are also working on another project, Trimaps, which was released just few weeks ago. It’s a more technical project for developers. [Tweet “This app lets you turn any image into a mobile map.”] Any developer can integrate and customize it. At the moment they have clients mainly from the ski domain area and from festivals. You really should take a look!
Why coworking? They needed a place where they could work together. They could have worked from home, but they preferred a neutral office, and they found Betacowork the perfect solution. They really like the entrepreneurial atmosphere you feel at Betacowork. Whenever you need a designer or a developer, you can find plenty of contacts just around you! In fact their logos were designed by Martin Dieryc, a betacoworker founder of

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