Are you so lucky as to have friends at work? Yes, I say lucky because having friends in your workplace is really important. Let the numbers speak!
This infographic was crafted by Officevibe, the employee engagement software that helps companies improve their employee retention, and have a better organizational culture.

  1. 70% of employee say that happiness at work is due to having friends in the workplace;
  2. Friendship at work is more important that money: 74% of women would refuse a higher salary if it would mean working with unpleasant coworkers. 58% of men would do the same;
  3. 25% increase in morale and productivity, thanks to simple things like larger lunch tables. Don’t you feel happier after a Betacooks?
  4. Senza titolooooooReflecting the fact that having friends at work is really important you should know that 1/3 of adults has met one or more of their closest friends at work;
  5. Like 50% of the people who answered, you should feel a better connection with your company;
  6. You are more likely to receive compliments;
  7. You receive more support for personal development (137% more!);
  8. 35% of people are more committed to quality;
  9. You are more likely to receive feedback on your improvements;
  10. Higher perceived considerations of their opinions at work
  11. You work at your best everyday!

These numbers are about employees, so we presume that the percentages, for people who work from a coworking space, are even higher!
What about you? How many friends do you have at Betacowork?
11 Incredible Reasons Why Having Friends At Work Is Important (INFOGRAPHIC)

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