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Doing business in Belgium - Legal packDo you want to know what is the most appropriate vehicle for your business? Do you need to know how to draft contracts with customers and suppliers? All the answers are in the first session of this workshop!
Part 1 will address general legal & contract matters (June 16th at 10AM, Plane 2).
Part 2 will address tax related aspects for start-ups (June 23rd at 10 AM, Plane 2):

  • corporate tax vs personal income tax;
  • invoicing and VAT;
  • tax shelter;
  • And more!

The first workshop is given by Erik de Herdt is a qualified lawyer and seasoned legal consultant with over 15 years experience in legal, regulatory and strategic advice to all players in the ICT business on a worldwide basis. Clients include small businesses, IT services companies, technology enterprises, OTT and voip players, web developers and national and international telecommunication service providers. Domains of expertise: commercial law, IT service, app & web development, e-commerce, software maintenance, managed services, intellectual property, data privacy, licensing, interconnection. He started his professional career as attorney-at-law in a law firm after which he moved to the technology business as in-house and general counsel for many companies (including HP, Verizon, Melexis and Voxbone).
The second workshop is given by Erik de Ridder, he has 10 years of experience in legal, tax, compliance advisor functions in the Consulting, Textile, Banking and Insurance sector ( Deloitte, Levi’s, KBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Delta Lloyd). Certified Webdesigner. Passionate about sustainable and peer 2 peer economies.

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