IMG_0040Hi everyone!
I’m Sara, the new trainee at Betacowork through the European Programm “Erasmus Placement“. After having spent five months in Brussels as an Erasmus student at Université Libre de Bruxelles, I completely fell in love with this city. That’s why I told my self that I definitely had to go back there for another great experience.
I’m attending the second year of Master Degree in Management of Organizations and Territorial Netoworks at the University of Trento in Italy. One of my Master’s course aim is to train experts capable of acquiring knowledge and tools to efficiently work in organizations and manage them. My study plan is marked by a strongly interdisciplinary profile, where the sociology of organization, work and economy are studied by different viewpoints. We all know how theory alone can’t really train a student, I think it’s pivotal putting into practice the knowledge acquired during University. That’s why I looked for an internship, to understand how an organization really works. An innovative environment like Betacowork seems to me the ideal place to grow and experience.
I didn’t know anything about coworking but, before starting my internship, I’ve been reading a lot on the net about it and I found this way of working absolutely awesome (The Coworking Handbook has been very useful!). That’s why I decided to write my final dissertation about coworkig so I’ll probably “stalk” you with a lot of questions about your experience with coworking 🙂 I’d love to understand how coworking makes people working better (working alone sucks, right?) and how to create a community made by people with a lot of innovative ideas.
You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin 🙂
Looking forward to meet you at Betacowork!

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