EEIP founding team: Dusan Jakovljevic and Juergen Ritzek
Dusan is the co-founder, with his friend and coworker Juergen Ritzek, of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP), a technology-neutral cross-sectoral business and policy platform for industrial energy efficiency. Dusan is not only an expert of sustainable energy: his position of policy director of EEIP requires also an outstanding expertise in communication, as it is part of his daily work to be in contact with his customers.
The main goal of EEIP is to improve the functioning of energy efficiency markets, not promoting specific solutions but fostering practical and transparent discussions on how to improve the efficiency of manufacturing in Europe while preserving its competitiveness.
The relationship of Dusan with coworking started long time before Betacowork was founded. From the very beginning Dusan understood how beneficial could coworking environment be to his new projects. When he moved to Betacowork he found all the partners and tech designers for EEIP by chance. EEIP is currently looking for investors in a for-profit spinoff, Energy Pages. If you want to invest, you’d better speak to Dusan 🙂
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