Last Friday, Mohamed and Fatma, Betacowork members and founders of Let’s Cook Together prepared for us a delicious lunch #Betacooks.
To taste this this special Egyptian style Moussaka, and share the delight with your family and friends; here’s the recipe:



  • betacooks1 Kilo Aubergine
  • 1/2 Kilo green paprika
  • Frying oil
  • 1/2 Cooked minced meat
  • 1 big onion
  • 1 can of tomato paste
  • 500 gm of tomato sauce
  • 5 cloves of garlic (minced)
  • 1/4 cup of vinegar
  • 2 table spoon of butter
  • Spices: Salt and pepper, 1/4 tea spoon of powder garlic and the same cinnamon


The Aubergine and the paprika:

  • Peel some strips of the aubergine and then cut it into circles then put it in water and salt so as not to change its color;
  • Cut the paprika into circles;
  • Fry the aubergine until it is dark gold in color (** dry the aubergine using a tissue before putting it in the oil);
  • Then Fry the paprika;
  • Put them all in a filter to drain all the oil residual and put it a side.

The meat:

      It can also be done without meat and be eaten cold or hot.


  • Mince the onion;
  • Put 1 table spoon of butter in a pot until it melts then put the onion in it until it become golden in color. Put the meat and keep stirring so as to avoid the meat to clot;
  • When the meat starts to change the color minimize the fire to be medium then add half the tomato can with some salt and pepper and cinnamon;
  • Cover the meat and keep stirring from time to time add water if needed but not more than 2 table spoons.

In a separate pot:

  • Put 1 table spoon of butter until it melts;
  • Minimize the fire to be small fire then add the minced garlic cloves until it become yellow gold;
  • Then add the vinegar carefully;
  • Then add the tomato sauce and the tomato paste and 1/2 cup of water;
  • Add salt and pepper according to your taste and cinnamon (not more than 1/4 tea spoon) and the garlic powder;
  • Stir for 5 mins;
  • Cover the sauce;
  • Leave it to boil for 15 – 20 mins;
  • Add the Aubergine, the paprika and the meat;
  • Boil the mix for 10 mins.

Then… Bon appetite!

lets-cook-togetherDuring the Betacooks Fatma and Mohamed presented their project “Let’s Cook Together“. What is it? It’s a community where everyone could meet, cook and eat. It is cooking events that gather people around food where they could learn new recipes, meet new people, exchange stories and build communities. In addition to that you learn new things about food management and about other cultures.

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