Have you ever thought your life was about to change? That´s my feeling since I finished the University. And, indeed, it has changed. I have left Spain to live in Belgium, to work in Betacowork, in a coworking space -a concept that till a month ago was unknown for me =S –
Hello! I am Gonzalo Iniesta, spanish (almost) graduated in Business Administration. I say ‘almost’ because I need to complete a period of internship. And thats why I am writing this introduction, I am the new trainee of Betacowork through the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program. As I have been studying all my life in Spain, except a year I spent in Sweden for Erasmus, I didn´t want to start the following stage of my life in the same place, so I decided to move to Belgium, one of the countries that catch my attention.
I am living in Brussels for more than a month, and I really like the city due to its mixed of cultures, the alternatives I have when I go out, and its location in the middle of Europe, what is an advantage if, as me, you love to travel. The only problem so far, is that I cannot speak french, issue that I will try to solve during my stay in Belgium. =P
As I said, the coworking was a concept totally new for me, I didn´t know what I was facing when I took the first look to the offices of Betacowork. But thanks to other coworkers, Ramon, Stefania and The Coworking Handbook I am learning everyday where I am working at.
My mission here is to help with the promoting and advertising activities, enhance the relations between coworkers in our offices as well as writing post about them in the blog of betacowork. I am looking for job oportunities in the management field, preferences on accounting, marketing, international trade and logistics. But as I am a new professional I won’t refuse other opportunities concerning my studies. I am able to do translation english to spanish and viceversa.
You can follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
See you at Betacowork!