Today is Nala’s first day at Betacowork Coworking and she’s dressed up for the occasion!
Cédric and Nala do coworking
We have decided to do a test with her and Cédric to see if we can develop a pet policy that allows members to bring their pets without disturbing the work of the other coworkers. Our basic rules for this test are simple:

  • Dog should not be a nuisance or cause trouble,
  • dog has to be potty trained, sociable, never aggressive,
  • the owner cleans after immediately if there’s an “accident”,
  • dog should not bark,
  • dog should not request constant attention,
  • dog should go along well with other pets and/or humans.

One of our members is allergic, but as we have three separate coworking rooms this should not be a problem. There are already some dogs from private offices roaming the building. Just in case we have created this poster to add on the room’s door everyday that Nala is in:
We are already a child friendly space, hopefully we will also be a pet friendly coworking office 🙂