Last Monday three betacoworkers and the wife of one of our members have been highlighted in the newspaper “Le Soir” for their importance in the Brussels start-up network.
Both founders of Betacowork, Ramon Suarez and Jean Derély, plus Betacoworker Leo Exter have been praised for their implication in the Belgian start-up ecosystem. Add to them Betacoworker’s wife Barbara Andreani and you have got your fantastic four.
Common point of those four entrepreneurs? They are all from abroad and it is for the best. To quote the article: “Entrepreneurship’s Europe is, beforehand, men and women that shape it, far beyond borders and linguistic barriers.”
To read the full article click on the image below …
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          Jean Derély                                               Ramon Suarez    


           Leo Exter                                         Barbara Andreani

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