fred wautersFred Wauters is a copywriter, journalist and communication expert. Six years ago he founded Ex-abrupto, a company providing expertise in content management and strategy.
In particular, Fred is specialized in writing and editing projects, content for website blogs, brochures and social media. He helps companies to define their target audience and adapt their editorial line accordingly. He is currently working on a new project that will allow him to develop cheap turnkey websites for companies.
Fred is the author of Marketer son écriture, a book about writing techniques that reveals methods and secrets to write more effectively, in a very clear an concrete way.
Besides his career as journalist and copywriter, Fred is a musician and Krav Maga instructor.
If you need help with content management, copywriting or self defense, you can contact Fred or meet him at Betacowork, where you can also take advantage of a small discount to buy his book.
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