In collaboration with Elance and oDesk, we are launching a monthly breakfast series for the freelance and entrepreneur community of Brussels.
Each breakfast will feature a short and practical talk.

How to leave 9-5 and become a full time freelancer

Filip The speaker of the month is Filip Galetic, a solopreneur and freelancer focusing on helping others kick ass with social media and internet marketing. Once he tried the classic 9-5 route, he realized he’d never be happy that way and started consulting others about online marketing via oDesk. This made it possible for him to live how and where he wants, and spend more time doing the things he loves. Filip will also present his new e-book: ‘Growing your social media in 2015’ that will be available in March.

Reinventing the way we work

elance logoElance-oDesk and Betacowork have partnered for these series of breakfast as we are reinventing the way we work and can add value to each other’s communities.
The event is free and will take place in the cafeteria of our coworking space every month starting on February 26. It’s not to be missed!
Limited spots available, book yours!

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