Young and ambitious, Cedric Donckels launched himself into the coworking adventure in 2011. When he started out as a freelance developer, it was rare for him as an independent developer to have regular clients.

An excellent return on investment

Today, 40% of his turnover comes directly or indirectly from coworking (31% through clients he met at Betacowork and 9% through recommendations and contacts of these clients). It’s a truly positive return for a small outlay. In fact Cédric calculates that it equals 25 times the cost of coworking, and this explains why Cédric considers it the smartest professional choice he has made in his life.

Meeting and sharing

This talented developer first learned about coworking on Twitter, and after his inscription at Betacowork he met four other developers who were already well established. He was at first a bit concerned as to what he could do in the face of this potential competition.
He quickly understood the advantages Betacowork offered “The strength of coworking is finding in potential competitors people from whom you can learn and exchange knowledge and experience” he tells us, and concludes ”This is what makes me want to stay.”

The results after 4 years

The young developer knew how to take opportunities when they presented themselves. 4 years after he started here the contacts he has made are today one of his greatest strengths, and represent a considerable part of his income.
For all freelancers who are seeking innovation and new clients, coworking is the ideal solution with the guarantee of an excellent return on investment.