Friday, the day of the week that we’ve all been waiting for since Monday. For most people, the last working day of the week is finally here and you can already feel the week-end relief and start planning for free time. But at Betacowork we have one reason more to feel excited about Friday…the Betacooks!!
In a coworking space, it’s true, we share space, but it’s not only about that, it’s not just about going out from your home and renting a desk. In our coworking space what we care about the most is sharing experiences, knowledge…and food! Every Friday a coworker cooks for the other members of the community, we set a big table and we eat all together! It’s a good way to get to know each other better and taste new foods.IMG_6090
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Do you want to try coworking for a day? You should definitively come on a Friday!
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