Gauthier de Valensart
Maker and engineer, Gauthier has been spending the last 10 years playing with computers, embedded electronics, photovoltaic technologies, the internet of things and, more recently, 3D printing.
Gauthier has just launched, in association with GreenWatch, an online tool to help solar panels owners in Belgium dealing with bureaucratic hassle when they move.
Property owners can now have a much better estimation of their house true value using Valopv: Valopv makes sure they perceive green certificates after they have sold their house, which can sometimes amount to more than 30000€.
This nice video (in French) explains what his project is about:

As any entrepreneur, Gauthier is full of energy and ideas, but he likes to reach a quiet spot from time to time. He likes coming to Betacowork to meet other entrepreneurs. He worked on Valopv project exactly during the last year at Betacowork. A proof of how [Tweet “coworking improves focus and productivity”] 🙂
Gauthier is also a father of 3 young kids to whom he teaches the virtue of science and technology.
Gauthier thrives on projects involving embedded electronics, IT, technological challenges and responsibilities in team & project management, and he is actively looking for entrepreneurs and startups enthusiasts to commonly build IT projects. Contact him, he will be happy to discuss with you 🙂
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