The new year has just started, and it’s the moment for many of us to make resolutions and plans (losing weight, quit smoking, try coworking…). My 2016 started with a big change: after more than 3 years in Brussels taking care of the community management at Betacowork, I moved to Italy to pursue my dream of building a life in my home country.
Betacowork feels like home and this has been a very difficult decision for me to make. And how difficult it was to say goodbye to the coworkers and the team! I wish them all the best, especially to Sara and Ramon, it was an amazing journey!
When I look back I am proud and happy, because I am leaving behind a greater community and a much stronger Betacowork.
It’s not by accident that Betacowork became successful and people are so happy to be part of it. It’s because of the effort that the team and the community have made every single day, since the project started. Some mistakes were made, but a lot of lessons were learned along the way.
Tomorrow is the big day for me: I’ll move to a new city and start a new job in a new amazing coworking place! If you want to keep up with my journey and stay in touch, follow me on Twitter. I will be glad to share my adventures with you 🙂

The Global Lens™ - Betacowork, Stefania-8008027

Keep up the great work, Ramon and Sara!

The Global Lens™ - Betacowork, Stefania-1945

Paula, Sara and me in the Betacowork kitchen. I’ll miss cooking with you 🙂


My farewell party. This is going to be one of my best souvenirs!

Before leaving Brussels, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a new blog series called “Lift Your Spirit”, by Apex Coffee, and talk about my experience, share some thoughts on entrepreneurship, inspiration, and coffee! You can read it here.
Happy new coworking year!
Photos: @thegloballens

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