The program would be an intense one hour and be directly related to holistically supporting us as human beings – and to nurturing personal motivation and proactivity.
We’ll do reflections, games and practical activities to:Cargo

  • Look at personal motivation;
  • Provide inspiration and an emotional boost;
  • Give a brief background on society’s impact on our motivation;
  • Exercises to develop our motivation;
  • Practical tips and exercises to help understand and maintain motivation.

Understanding and feeling good about ourselves affects every single thing we do. The programs and activities David Barnes is involved in, aim to provide a fulfilling, inspirational and meaningful learning or personal experience and are a holistic approach to life and learning.

Who is it for?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who work by themselves and usually need to be self-motivated.

When and where?

July 3rd, from 4PM to 5PM. Plane 2
Workshop by David Barnes. Personal development activities for organisations ranging from responsibility to unity.

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