Welcome to Betacowork’s monthly “exercise” session to practice / prepare business pitches amongst ourselves, to give good constructive feedback, and get even better, without fear of failure or disappointment.

How does it work?

Each start-up business pitch lasts no more than 8 minutes, allowing for 7 minutes (or less) of feedback if necessary, totalling 15 minutes, to fit in at least four (4) people / hour who want to practice their pitch.
We’ll have a laptop projector and remote control, but this is not a PowerPoint-heavy exercise. It’s about telling one’s story to investors / business angels, and exciting them to want to learn more, and hopefully invest. The audience will pretend to be angel investors, with the appropriate questions / comments / feedback.
Register to attend, and tell us whether you’d like to pitch, or just see pitches in action, and give good feedback…

When and where?

Thursday 11th of May at 5:30PM in Planes 1 ( BetacoworkICAB Business &
Technology Incubator

Whose idea is it?

Paul Stratta: int’l commercial executive across the consumer / sporting goods sector,driving businesses and brands across global markets. He is Currently focused on interim and project-oriented assignments, and starting an SaaS business serving sports participants / players.