Last week was Coworking Week Belgium. This was the first time that coworking spaces all over Belgium organised a national coworking week. And it was a success! Here at Betacowork we had the chance to welcome 37 new people, curious to discover coworking and its magic. The slogan for this special week was “Work – Connect – Learn” (and I’d say Eat too). Here’s how we put it in to practice!


Of course the first benefit of coworking is that it helps you to get things done. You break the isolation of working from home, find motivation and stop the procrastination (and much more!). That’s why at Betacowork we are used to see people smiling while working.


Every morning we welcomed our coworkers with, coffee, tea and cookies to kick start our day. This was also a great chance to meet new people and start to connect with the community.
4The community is the core value of every coworking space. How can you build one? Connecting people who live the space. Talking with them, understand what they need and help them to reach their goals. Last Tuesday we organised the Rodeo. It’s the coworkers monthly meeting, we gather in the Cafeteria to meet the other coworkers, to introduce ourselves, explain what we are looking for and ask for help. You would be amazed to discover how much help you can get out of it! Take a look at our calendar to find out when the next one is, and join us. Results of the last Rodeo? Our coworkers know each other better, someone found a new client and other collaborations were born. This is coworking!
After connecting professionally…we strengthen our relationship around a drink. We share more than an office is our motto. C’est Jeudredi is the Betacowork Afterwork, not only for networking, but to discover new friends (like us on Facebook to stay updated on our next afterwork).


In a coworking space, you work, connect…and learn! We encourage our coworkers to give workshops to share their knowledge with the others. Is a win-win situation. You gain visibility and the coworkers take advantage of what they learn and can boost their business. Last week Ciprian Begu shared with us his knowledge about content marketing strategy. Each attendee left the workshop with a valuable reference point when deciding what content to create or curate on the online channels.

…and Eat!

As I said at the beginning of this post, EAT is a major word in a coworking space. We love eating, and above all, we love sharing food. On Friday we organised a Big #Betacooks. The Betacowork team cooked for 45 people, pasta, bruschette and waffles. A sweet way to finish this special week. After lunch we raffled two winners, who won a month of coworking: one between our members and one between the new people who will visit us during Coworking Week Belgium. Congratulations to Gauthier de Valensart and Megan Kenna!
This is how we Worked, Connected and Learnt (and eat, of course) during the Coworking Week Belgium.
Did you miss this special occasion? Don’t worry, you can test Betacowork for a day for free!

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