Emmanuel is a French web entrepreneur living in Brussels for seven years.
He supports Internet and mobile projects around development, SEO, social media and design. He also consults for AWEX with TPE.
He founded GEnetvision, a network of independent agents and small businesses based in France, Belgium and Spain that he activates on a project basis. The goal is to create the ideal team to satisfy customers, depending on the desired skills, timing, budgets, etc.
His network enables him to provide solutions in multiple technologies such as Magento, Drupal, iOS, WordPress etc. But also on more niche technologies such as QlikView, Typo3, ExpresssionEngine.
Today he works with many startups, small businesses, agencies and large multinationals. profiles_00840_image
After spending five years working at home in his living room, he decided to try Betacowork. This allowed him to expand his network with independent workers like him, and also to find new customers, who refer to him to develop their applications. The goal is to expand the network, he said.
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