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At Betacowork we are always experimenting and trying new things to improve the life of our coworkers and to improve client service. We are now keeping better track of this by using surveys to track the quality of service we give to members and to those that come for a free day of coworking.  We are also digging into the added value of what the coworkers are looking for in our space, both by talking and surveying with our own members and with the operators of other coworking spaces in conferences like the Coworking Belgium Unconference, GCUC, and Coworking Europe. To give you an idea, the conversation we are having today is around this whiteboard of results from one of the Coworking Belgium panels:

The added value of coworking for coworkers

What would you add? What would you remove?

Our dear coworkers have been polled a lot lately and in a more organized way. Here’s a preview of the results we have gotten about the benefits the coworkers get out of being at the Betacowork and if they would recommend it to their friends and colleagues: 95% recommend it 🙂
Satisfaction Betacowork
The next step is implementing a CRM system to track everything even better and to respond better and faster.
What would you suggest we do to improve our client service?

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