Jed is a medical entrepreneur founder of My Medicoach, a project focused on the transmition of the medical knowledge to a general public. The objective is to empower patients to take an active role in their own health. As a doctor, he always wanted to treat people, but over time he realized that his real occupation, which fulfilled him most, was the preventive medicine and the transmission of knowledge, and it was also becoming his passion and his source of motivation.
The first target of My Medicoach: take on back pain! To take practical steps to relieve your back pain, My Medicoach offers on its website the three angles of attack (btw, all for free!):
My medicoach
– Understanding: thanks to animated videos, much more effective than simple words.
– Learning: thanks to games you will learn the correct movements and correct habits, for example it how to stretch and strength your muscles.
– Acting every day: thanks to the new mobile app that will work as a coach, collecting all the information and sharing it in My Medicoach community, giving patients the motivation and allowing them to say to others “yes, I did it!”.
With a background in medicine, Jed is facing new challenges everyday. With regard to IT, he says “For me Python is a snake and Java is an island”. But he balances this lack of knowledge being tenacious, enthusiastic and positive facing with all the challenges that lie ahead.
Jed is looking for sponsors. You can help him to promote his new project by liking and sharing his Facebook page and subscribing to his newsletter. Jed describes himself as an addict of coworking. This is not only a way to escape his home distractions, but also a way to do networking and brainstorming while eating a sandwich. He really enjoys talking to people who are experiencing or have experienced the phases of trying to implement their own idea, and this is what motivates him to move forward in this difficult and long way.
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