The future of work is changing. It looks to be bleak for jobs, but not for work itself. There’s a rise of freelancing and the gig economy that allows a lot of people to gain professional and financial freedom.
At the last Ouishare fest in Paris I had the chance to participate in two talks coordinated by Marco Torregrosa, Secretary General of EFIP, the
European Forum of Independent Professionals, about the subject.

Working collaboratively in entrepreneurial ecosystems

I started the day with the presentation Working collaboratively in entrepreneurial ecosystems. The key message of my presentation was centered in two things: doing and people.

(You can find the French video here.)
What matters is doing, not talking. People that do are the ones that change the world. Do things!
People are what makes collaboration possible, meeting them in person changes everything for the better. And coworking ads a lot of positive impact to these people. Cowork, meet people and expand your network!

Endgame for Jobs, Welcome Flexible Work

Then I participated in the panel Endgame for Jobs, Welcome Flexible Work, with Sara Horowitz, Antonio A. Casilli, Shelby Clark, Nicolas Colin and Epi Ludwig Nekaj. If you are interested in the challenges of the future of jobs, labor and flexible work, you will find this video very interesting:

(You can find the French video here.)
My key ideas about freelancing in the video: focus on value, not hours; break away from your own physical limits as a freelancer, turn your work into a product and build a network of peers to collaborate with.
What’s your take?

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