Jorge Duque ArimanyJorge is a freelance architect from Tenerife (Spain). Based in Belgium for a year, he has previously worked in Tenerife, Madrid and Sao Paulo, gaining a significant international experience. He is interested and passionate about emerging countries, indeed he is planning to move to Africa in the coming years. Jorge loves travelling and try his luck. In fact, he went to Brazil for 3 months and ended up living there for 4 years.
Jorge describes himself as a creative architect with a lot of experience in the construction field and an outstanding knowledge in customer relation and coordination. The most exciting part of his job is when he can finally see his project happening, turning from a sketch on paper into reality.
Jorge joined Betacowork about a year ago, when he realized that working at home.. didn’t work 🙂
He was also searching for a platform and a network to promote his business. Coworking provides him with all the facilities and allows him to be in contact with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Since he moved to Brussels, Jorge is having no difficulty in finding new clients through word of mouth.
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