It’s time for a Beta LAN Party!
(Click here if you don’t know what a LAN Party is).

On the menu:

  • Red Alert: This strategy game is free and available here for Windows, Mac and Linux. (It’s a 1995 game, any computer will run it just fine);
  • Counter Strike Source: aka counter strike v1.6. This game is paid for and available here for Windows, Mac and Linux. I guess most of you already own the game  (any computer purchased after 2004 will run it smoothly).

The game will be very casual, no competition whatsoever. It’s a noob friendly event!

What will we do?

We will play Red Alert on “Arena Maps”: small maps with simple geometry and a lot of resources for every player. This way the matches will be more intense and quick.
On Counter Strike, we will play a warmup round – arcade style – on fy_iceworld. Then a bomb-defuse round on the good old map de_dust2.

Can I join the game from outside of ICAB building?

Yes. Only for Counter Strike rounds. You can join the games from outside of Betacowork. The password to enter the game will be “betalanparty”. Only the counter strike rounds will be accessible from outside, red alert rounds will not be accessible from outside.

I did not play in a very long time/never played, is that event for me?

Yes! We will balance the games to the differences in skill level. This means that if one of the participants is a super pro, we will give him handicaps in order to make him beatable. If a participant is a complete noob, we will give him perks that will help him stay alive a little longer.

Will we play with random people on the Internet?

No. The games will be hosted on our servers. And these will require a password to join. So we will play only between us.
Hope to see the virtual you at the LAN!
A special thank you to our coworker Dimitri for the nice idea 🙂

When and Where?

Wednesday 12 October at 5PM at Betacowork, 4 Rue des Pères Blancs 1040 Etterbeek. Metro Petillon, Tram/Bus Arsenal (ICAB Business & Technology Incubator).

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