Summer’s ending and your brain is full of new ideas. Are you struggling to pitch them and promote your new project? You should invest in yourself and attend this workshop.
Learn how to explain your core business concisely to peers or at a networking event, in a way that makes it clear for everybody how they can help you moving forward.


  • 11391309_839625856091108_6019513553196175276_nContent of your pitch, 7 questions you need to answer in your pitch;
  • Presentation of your pitch, 7 style points you need to polish your story.

During the workshop, you’ll get the chance to present your pitch in front of the other participants and receive personal feedback.
You will end up with an impressive and trained pitch ready to use!

Who is it for?

Everyone who needs or likes talking about their project, passions and ideas.

Who is the trainer?

Bart Van Loon is giving pitching workshops since 2007 for companies like Vlajo, BRYO, FlandersDC, KHLeuven, Vives, PXL. Do you want to know more about him? Check here.

When and Where?

1st of October from 6PM to 9PM at Betacowork.

Can’t make it or there’s something troubling you? Contact us so the we can look for a solution together.

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